Pure Organic Shilajit: 7 Hidden Miracles You Must Know

In the old days, when there was no modern treatment today, people utilized herbs to prevent and treat diseases. Most of these herbs are now extinct, but some are still popular due to their medicinal properties. One such miraculous herb is pure organic shilajit.

Found in the Himalayan Mountain range of India, this great ingredient features blackish brown color and quite a sticky texture. It smells like cow’s urine, something that makes it hard to swallow.

7 wonders of pure organic shilajit:

Shilajit boasts the best type of fulvic acid, potent antibodies, and more than 85 natural minerals, including magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, and potassium, which makes it helpful in solving various problems. Given below are some of the most magnificent benefits of pure organic shilajit you have never heard before.  

Renders you glowing skin:

Usually, women do not compromise on their beauty, and they seem willing to do anything to get soft, smooth, flawless skin. In this case, whether it is a beauty product or a skincare item, they’re always ready to buy it. But what if we tell you about a multipurpose ingredient that would give you all these benefits at a lower price? Shilajit! is also known as the mineral pitch. It houses powerful antioxidants that protect your skin against cellular damage caused by free radicals, thus holding back the signs of aging, i.e., wrinkles and crow’s feet. Moreover, the regular use of shilajit makes your skin young and radiant and renders your face a healthy glow.

Improves your immunity:

Shilajit, the destroyer of weakness, works wonders to boost your immunity making your system resistant enough to beat several health conditions and viral/bacterial infections. Moreover, it also enhances your physical performance by replenishing your body with instant energy.

Ensures psychological wellness:

People generally rely more on allopathy to get rid of depression. But pure organic shilajit gives you a better and more natural treatment that is long-lasting and free from side effects. It helps to calm your mind by inhibiting the production of stress hormones in your body. Furthermore, it ensures you a peaceful night sleep to make you get up cool and refreshed in the morning.

Helpful in fighting diabetes:

Diabetes is one of the fastest-growing diseases. As well as being dangerous in its own right, it can lead to many other diseases. That’s why it is often likened to a silent killer. So, it’s essential to control your sugar. Shilajit is known to be a terrific remedy to keep glucose levels in check. It ensures healthy regeneration of pancreas cells, which regulates insulin production, the determining factor of knowing the glucose levels in your body, which may prove very helpful for all those diabetics out there.

Cures Anemia:

As mentioned above, pure organic shilajit is a powerhouse of fulvic acid and is a rich iron source. It might be beneficial for those battling anemia. It enhances the production of red blood cells in your body, thus keeping blood deficiency at bay. However, sickle cell anemia patients must not resort to shilajit or further worsen their condition.

Improves reproductive health:

No matter you are a male or female, Shilajit is the best friend of your reproductive setup. It detoxifies your reproductive organs and heals several sexual disorders that may lead to infertility if left unaddressed. In women, it regulates menstrual cycles, and in males, it improves semen production, sperm mobility, sperm count and enhances sex desire to help you enjoy a healthy sexual life.

Assist weight loss:

Getting rid of obesity has become a hard-to-achieve goal nowadays. Where strict dieting and exhausting workout session pay back a bit, shilajit can make a big difference in accelerating your weight loss journey. By promoting your metabolic activity, shilajit refills your lost energy quickly and helps you extract nutrition out of the food promptly, hence keeping you from overeating. This way, using shilajit regularly will help you shed extra pounds in the long run.

Instruction for use:

An average dosage of pure organic shilajit for adults is 300-500mg or a pea size scoop with warm water or tepid milk.

According to a renowned Ayurvedic expert, older people may use it daily, but youngsters are recommended not to use it more than two days a week.

Patients with high blood pressure are advised to stay away from shilajit.

People suffering from active heart disease and pregnant women are also advised to avoid taking shilajit.

It is always advisable not to take it empty stomach; instead, take it almost half-hour after the meal.

All in all, pure organic shilajit offers endless health benefits and helps prevent and remedy various major disorders. However, it is always necessary to take a professional’s advice before using it to avoid any drastic situation.

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