Pure Himalayan Shilajit How To Use

Real Shilajit is found very rare, its extraction is also very hard. First of all trained people search the reserves of Shilajit in mountains and mostly they have to climb steep cliffs and dangerous areas to reach their destination and it is very difficult to put your life into danger so only trained people could do this.

Despite their skills and precautions, they also fail sometimes, resulting serious injuries or death, so there is a lot of risk involved in it. 

Then if they clear the first step successfully by bringing Shilajit stones to the processing plant another life shaking process starts. They filter the stones from Shilajit using clean water,(Results by using water from Hunza, Gilgit, Skardu, and neighboring areas are very good). After its filteration we get vergin crop of Shilajit and start drying it.

Now a process starts which is called drying of Shilajit. This process could be done by two ways resulting two main different qualities of Shilajit. 

Sun Dried Shilajit

After filtration Shilajit is in the form of a liquid as it is soluble in water so you can say that we get Shilajit water at the end of filtration. This liquid is dried by putting it into deep plates and these plates are put into sunlight during day time and in the evening plates are stored in closed room for night. This process takes about 30 to 42 days to get fully sundries Shilajit .

Fire Dried Shilajit

Another way to dry the Shilajit is by putting the plates on fire to dry it quickly, but quality of Shilajit dried on fire is very low, so we can get more Shilajit in less time but we lose quality. Shilajit dried on fire is called “Agni Tapi” Shilajit and the one dried in sunlight is called “Aftabi” Shilajit in ayurveda.

Brands of Pakistani Shilajit:

  • Bin Zaman
  • Qarshi
  • Hamdard

Above mentioned three brands introduced their packed shilajit in the market. Qarshi and Hamdard are also providing many other younani medicine in the market and have made their names prominent in this field.

They started providing agni tapi Shilajit due to its abundance and availability but they failed to grasp the market in case of Shilajit and discontinued providing packed Shilajit to their customers.

The first one named Bin Zaman is known for its Shilajit only, They are only providing Shilajit and have no other products.

They provide sun dried tested Shilajit of highest quality to their customers. They have also made entry in international market and also selling online. They are trying to do their best in providing original product to all their customers direct from their warehouse to customer’s doorstep so there is no chance to get inferior quality product from Bin Zaman and this is the only reason they are growing day by day.

Pure Himalayan Shilajit How To Use , below you can find details how you can use.

Recommend Dosage of Bin Zaman Shilajit

For Fitness

250 mg Shilajit after breakfast

For Pains

250 mg Shilajit after breakfast

250 mg Shilajit 1 hour before going to bed

Who can not use Shilajit?

You can’t use Shilajit if you have active heart issues or if you have severe high blood pressure problems.