10 Reasons You Should Take Original Shilajit

Shilajit is nothing but the wonder of nature. Also known as ” the conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness,” the original shilajit is full of many useful chemical ingredients. It provides natural and inexpensive treatment for many such ailments whose treatment is either very expensive or the medications used for the treatment have more cons than pros. 

Though the people who rely more on drug medications tend to be reluctant to try new things, given its rich features, they seem interested in learning more about the health benefits and tips about its purchase to make the most of it. If you are finding the answer for the same query, then this post is definitely helpful for you as here we are discussing why you should use original shilajit daily.

10 Reasons You Should Take Original Shilajit

Original Shilajit: A Skin-care Agent

Shilajit or mineral pitch is a tremendous skin-care agent. Natural abundance of healthy minerals, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory potential makes it your skin’s best friend. It prohibits the cellular and tissue damage caused by the undue activity of free radicals keeping your skin young, supple and glowing.

Improve Reproductive Health

Improve reproductive health is something it offers to both genders. In women, it treats irregular menstrual cycle and detoxifies the reproductive organs to boost fertility in females. In the same way, it increases testosterone levels in men and helps improve sperm count, sperm mobility, libido, and sex drive to ensure you complete sexual well-being.

Stress Reliever

It is a magnificent stress reliever and thus is equally helpful for males and females. It snubs the secretion of stress hormones besides enhancing sound sleep and regulating your appetite to give your mood an instant uplift.

Strengthens Nails & Bones

Original shilajit is a recognized remedy to brittle nails and fragile bones. It has a phenomenal power to increase calcium retention capacity in your body, making your bones and nails stronger. Moreover, it also improves the flexibility of your joints, making you less prone to joint-related disorders i.e., arthritis.

Treats Anemia

Being a rich source of fulvic acid, it helps your system to generate red blood cells and get rid of blood deficiency and anemia. The active sickle cell anemia patients are advised not to intake raw shilajit without their physician’s recommendation.

Boosts Metabolism

Accelerated metabolic activity is yet another attribute of shilajit that makes it worth taking regularly. The boosted metabolism also assists your body to promptly draw nutrition and energy from the food that works greatly to replenish energy fast and curb the desire to eat more.

Its regular intake ensures your cardiac and mental well-being too. Besides improving your overall brain health, it also helps enhance your memory and combat short-term memory loss.

Combats Diabetes

People with diabetes may also find it helpful in keeping their glucose levels under control. Furthermore, it increases the regeneration of pancreas cells that are responsible for keeping an eye on glucose.

Improve Physical Health

It works like magic to improve physical performance and let you deal with hangovers as well.

Weight Loss Assistant

It is a marvelous weight loss assistant.  As we discussed earlier, it instantly refills your energy and prevents overeating; these two factors also contribute a lot to shed extra pounds. Just take this magic potion after workout sessions, and you will thank me later.


Though the exact dosage should be get prescribed by an Ayurvedic physician, in general, the average dosage of shilajit is 300-500mg or a pea-size scoop of shilajit twice daily.

How to Consume Original Shilajit:

100% pure shilajit smells like cow’s pee and tastes quite bitter, making it difficult to swallow. To ease this task, you can combine it with ghee, honey, and goat milk.

If you are looking for a simple method, simply use it with lukewarm water.

Final thought:

Although shilajit boasts enormous health benefits it is not recommended for an average, healthy person. One should not use it until he suffers from any disease or has been involved in an exhausting physical activity that needs an instant energy refill. Moreover, people with a history of hypotension or those suffering from heart disease should avoid taking shilajit. Also, quit using shilajit immediately if you notice any allergic reaction since it is alleged to bring about allergies due to organic plant remains.

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