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what is organic himalayan shilajit
organic himalayan shilajit

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What Is Shilajit

Shilajit Introduction: Shilajit is a sticky material found over the rocks of mountain ranges of 10000 feet to 16000 feet above sea level. Himalayan mountains of Pakistan are very famous for high quality Golden grade Shilajit. Kharmang is a small town near Skardu, produces the highest quality and most expensive Shilajit in the world.

It is also known as "Salajeet" in Pakistan. According to an old saying Shilajit is sweat of stones and it develops with extreme weather conditions but its just nothing more than an old concept because studies show that it piles up into layers over layers on a rock due to the decomposition of mosses.

It takes decade to have a healthy layer on rocks of high altitude mountains. It is also an interesting fact that Shilajit found in Himalayan ranges is century old. Quality of Shilajit also depends upon the age of Shilajit, the more old it is, the more expensive it will be. Its quality depends upon the area of its crop.

It is also found in India, Chillie, Russia and Afghanistan. Indian Shilajit is of very low quality among all these. Afghani Shilajit is in middle if we grade them according to their quality and effectiveness.

Himalayan Shilajit is the only Shilajit that has achieved all the 84 minerals and the presence of Oligo elements in it this is why it is called "Gold Shilajit". So You Can Buy Organic Himalayan Shilajit Online With Best Price in Pakistan .

How To Use Himalayan Shilajit

How To Use Himalayan Shilajit

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Shilajit Benefits for Women

Shilajit Benefits for Women

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